Birthday wishes for girlfriend sms

Birthday wishes for girlfriend sms


My friend, your vitality, your endless optimism and your sincere warm smile always able to support others. And I am no exception. Thank you all, dear! In this life you like no one deserves happiness. So yes, it always goes along, holding on you by the hand! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, friend! You become a year older and this year added to the history of our friendship, which really can be called a time tested. That just happened to me, but you have always been close. And for that I am eternally grateful to you. To me you're like a native. Congratulations to you, be well happy!

Our dear friend! Congratulations to you happy birthday! Let this night the stars shine for you as vividly as possible, let the birds sing this morning as quietly, let your face plays a blissful smile and tears in his eyes there is only happiness - true, ladies! Any beautiful, beloved and desired!

Best friends - so we call childhood itself, so we'll go through life holding hands and do not give each other stumble and fall, so we banishes misery and embrace open towards happiness. I congratulate you, my friend, happy birthday! Any clever always the same and not be discouraged if something does not work.

It is said that female friendship is not. But we're certainly an exception to this rule. And proof of this is how long we are friends. We go along with you for life, and I have never regretted that once found a friend like you. And now let me congratulate you happy birthday! Happiness to you!

My friend, my dear, happy birthday! This girlfriend like you I was looking for a very long time, and found there, where they did not expect to find. And I hate to lose you, because life without our friendship would seem to me a bleak and uniform. Congratulations to you! And may all your dreams are always fulfilled!

I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you strong Siberian health, crazy love, reliable and loyal friends, such as myself, and just stay the same wonderful man!

A good friend remembers when your birthday. A great friend will forget how much you have knocked! :) Happy Birthday, friend!

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