Birthday wishes husband love

Birthday wishes husband love


My husband, the ruler of my heart and custodian of my destiny and my happiness in his Birthday I wish all good things of the world, just sunshine and good health, good luck and prosperity. And want it to be open to everything new and interesting, feel free to step forward with their dreams and always remember that his wife around at all times to be with him!

They say men are not particularly fond of sentimental words, but unless I can keep that fills my heart with the birthday of my beloved! Also, I know it and I know it is quite a bit shyly smiles when I once again say that I love it. I love, love a thousand times and wish happiness, we divide it in half and will be even happier!

Love, who came in a woman's life can be compared with the long-awaited rain over the desert. Water awakens to life with the arrival of blooming flowers and the sun does not smoke, but caresses. I want to tell you, my people, that thou hast saved me from the monotony of everyday life and loneliness, gave me a new life! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you to be happier than anyone in the world!

Happy birthday, my chosen one! All these years we created our marriage, putting him only the warmest feelings of our hearts. And so was born our family. So let continue in our life be light and comfortable, let our life is filled with pleasant memories of happy moments, the fruit of our love and our most intimate, embodied desires!

When a woman's life comes to its single man is not important no career, no other freedoms as if granted to women in this age. I found my purpose is to love you and to keep our house, where you come back from work every night, knowing that you'll get a loving wife and family comfort ... I do not need more happiness than to be with you! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you always smile!

Congratulations, you, happy birthday! Having lived with you for more than forty years I have not lost hope that someday we will be with you happy! Thou shalt not oppress me! Take care of yourself! I learned to forgive, that's just hard to forget everything! Be happy with me, and if not possible, then I feel sorry for you.

I congratulate you with all my heart Happy Birthday! You many years was to support me in all difficulties! I can not imagine how to live if we had not met! I want you to continue to remain as strong, reliable and gentle!

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