Happy birthday dad

Happy birthday dad


Wish I would most expensive daddy in the world, that he never was sick, to not feel alone, was always cheerful. I wish to always and everywhere been lucky in matters that inevitably come true all dreams and planned business! On the day of birth may glow only dad in the sky bright stars and comet tails waving success! Let Blue Bird luck dwell under your window every morning and give you great wealth! Your son.

You - our most precious people on earth, our support, our inspiration! On the birthday wish you, daddy, be as strong and reliable, kind and courageous, brave and dear how you are now! Good morning to find under the pillow 1000 hryvnias sure you successfully rozporyadyshsya the money! Another wish joy and happiness poured bottomless river, and the mountain of coins and diamonds zasyple let you rain! Any rich and
well, my dad gold!

You - the most desired man on planet, you all expensive as gold ducat, you are worthy of respect for superiors, because you kept on all the work the company! I wish you, my father, quickly run up the career ladder for a long time to stay on top of it, not catching the illness star! We would like to congratulate you on his birthday and wish that the world was interesting and played for you a rainbow!

Dad! Thank you for what you have! I wish you a happy birthday and I wish first of all to be healthy, and everything else you already have! Do not change their beliefs and do not change its principles, be assured in the future!

Father. Such a simple word, and conceals all the most intimate and dearest! You father birthday today! For me there is no better holiday than your birthday! You put me in the soul, gave it to my life has been as happier! I appreciated now appeal to you and want you to know! I love you. And now that I have, all thanks to you! They say a mother's love, the strongest but perhaps not everyone knows that there is nothing stronger and stronger than parental love. Happy birthday to my dad!

Today is the birthday of my best, most expensive and most unique father! I can not express to you my father, all my love and gratitude, because I just do not find the right words! I just want to say that I will love you until the last breath! Because for me, there is simply more man! You are my Guardian Angel. My support and joy. I want you daddy to you less upset and paid their dreams more time! After all, when you will be happy, and I will too! Happy Birthday!


My dear father! I'd like to heartily congratulate you happy birthday! I always wondered thy wisdom and thy knowledge of how much you love us! You dear, his heart and soul we put! And to us it was good! I still do not understand what deserved a father like you! I will always thank the Lord for it, and ask for you health! Happy birthday my dear! I love you!

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