Mom birthday poems from daughter

Mom birthday poems from daughter


To step confident gait, the way ahead is great. Well, we are your family children and grandchildren will always be with you.

Dear mother, this day I wish that your life was pouring like a swan song was bright and clean. Live happily, not knowing worries. And may you always follow envious whisper that she is beautiful and young.

Dear Mom, you're the most beautiful person in the world. You're in a hurry to do everything at once, and to heat their children and grandchildren. From your radiant smile we always warm and light. Stay healthy and beautiful, and we miss you will not give.

Mom! You're very dear to my heart man! And on the day you were born I sincerely wish you all the best, long life and family happiness! You're better than anyone on this earth, and please always remember that I love you very, very much!

Mom's Birthday! In all your wonderful holiday flowers, gifts, hugs and kisses - you one! Let happiness become your faithful companion, but good luck - a reliable fellow traveler. Let all come true your dreams and desires. And with you let yourself be near family, friends and loved people, without which your happiness is impossible!

Mom, who is now a glorious day - the day you were born! It seems that everything has turned around, shone brighter and better! You know how so much beauty - and you taught me how to live and enjoy life for real. I wish you this day heartily rejoice over the good and light, and always remain beautiful, young and so charming as it is today!

My dear mother! You're the most beautiful, favorite, very happy and a million self-same! I wish you birthday be as kind and cheerful, like now! Being healthy and active, happy and positive!

Mom holiday today not only you, but also all of us. Because if you do not, things would be quite different, and if not heat your big heart and not your endless patience in our house would not be so comfortable and light. Happy birthday, dear mother! Let everything in your life that you will want, good luck to you health and happiness!

The best gift for mom - good behavior of children, and then flowers and festive greetings! Know, dear, I love you very much and dream always see smiling and happy!

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