Birthday Wishes for Father

Birthday Wishes for Father


Today we are celebrating birthday of his father. Not only did he back of our house, but the one who every day warms the whole family warmth, one who each of us is true, a kind word. How we love it! And today we want our dad many years and good health, though in each case it goes wrong and executed cherished desire!

As a child I believed and never tired of repeating that my dad - the best! Years passed, I grew up, and today, his birthday, I can say that it is, my father - better than anyone in the world! He is strong, kind, considerate, and his advice is more valuable gold! I sincerely, from all his loving heart, that my dad was the happiest, and we - his family will always be there!

How fortunate when your father a man that your dream home - grow and be around like him! My dad is strong as bear, very kind and open-hearted, he never grumbles, but knows how to argue, and I like to agree with him, and he - with me! Today, I congratulate him on his birthday and embracing stronger, I wish many years of carefree, prosperous life, because my dad is old - and he is ahead!

Our father - not just the head of the family, a man, which we all - like a stone wall, but the man who made my mother happy, which was next to each of us in difficult times and generously bestowed his paternal love! Happy Birthday, only our unique and favorite dad! We love you and wish you always present, always happy to be the same as on this day!

Beloved my dad! Today I porhayu like a little bird, and you want to twitter about what I am happy that the princess grew up, and my father was a real king, which in our kingdom, that in our family, always prevailed peace and quiet! Happy Birthday! Good luck, but not simple, and not gold, and woven with rays of the sun, stars and our love because we all really love and appreciate you!

All my life my father was my best example. Even at that time, when I was green moon, my father was my best friend and I, rather than rebel, often asked his advice - and now today very happy with my life! Father, I congratulate you on your Birthday and I want to again say thank you for what you have this exceptional man! I very much wish you all the very, very best! Let your dreams come true, and the strength and vitality is exhausted, even when the hair is whiter than snow!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Today our whole family, from small to large, gathered to greet you, give gifts, and of course - wish you all the best! Look, even our small, barely learning to speak, already welcomes you! May each day in your life reigns true happiness, even in all your endeavors you succeed, the years do not take care, but add good memories!

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