Happy Birthday Man on Pinterest

Happy Birthday Man on Pinterest


Let my sincere congratulations and best wishes will bring you happiness, success and joy! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Suppose there are new sympathy, feelings and romantic adventure! We wish harmony and beauty around, favorable conditions!

Dear ______________!
Let life is sometimes harsh, but you be strong. And for a more reliable way open. Not be able to survive and live always just go ahead with success always friendly and try to catch his bird of happiness! Strongman health to you!

"Grow big!" - You want a child. And now, perhaps, it would be appropriate to wish "continues to grow over you!" Happy Birthday to you!

Congratulations on an amazing and unique holiday, birthday! Always take out of life what you can and what that is. After all, life is re-experienced. Love and you shall be loved. May this bright day bring you joy, success and health.

All your friends are happy that may greet you a Happy Birthday! All we want you to stay in the same loyal friend, a caring husband and affectionate father! Have many years on this day to address your sound kind words from family and friends!

In this beautiful, joyful day - the day of your birth - we wish you loads of gifts, beautiful flowers, sea admissions and smiles, pleasant meetings sea and wonderful minutes, and vacation days - warm sandy beaches of the Black or Mediterranean Sea.

God grant you many years to live, that they can not be counted! God grant you excellent health! God grant you always drink plenty! Wife loves seven days a week and thousands per cent per annum! Happy Birthday to you!

In the same light for the day you want to wish you happiness and warmth. Let crosses the threshold of your home joy and anxiety are always at the door!

We wish our birthday always keep spiritual youth, because youth - a great state expectations of beauty, the feeling that anything is possible, you are able to do. We wish you health, happiness always let you succeed and good luck!

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