Birthday wishes for grandma

Birthday wishes for grandma


In our family, my grandmother, like the good queen, supports comfort, peace and order in our home realm, and today, on her birthday, it's time to admit that without her care, love and attention would not be with us this happiness! So cute in her grandmother's birthday, I wish above all happiness! Vast, warm and bright as the sun is! And you grandmother shines like the sun, many years!

Today I'm Happy birthday favorite native grandmother, and I'd like to remember her this holiday as a cozy family celebration, when gathered together, who are dear to each other, when you think about were the good wishes that must be fulfilled, increasing Fortunately our grandmother! And of course, let our grandmother lives long, will be solid and strong, not bored and always smiling his kind, warm smile!

Our grandmother lived honestly worked a lot, and when she retired - did not indulge in idleness, and all the forces devoted to us - his grandson, and must admit that her warmth, care and attention we appreciate it immensely! Today we congratulate her on her birthday, anniversary, and we want to wish you always stay the same wonderful word, always be the best grandma in the world!

I love you, Grandma! You me - unique, thanks to you my childhood was a fairy tale, and I long ago grew up, I will always love you and carefully listen to your wise advice! I wish you a happy birthday and wish not only happiness, but also anything that can be very helpful in your special, deserving honor undoubted age! Good health, good mood and mental energy into many new cases!

My grandmother, no doubt - the best! No one cooks it sweeter jam, not tells interesting stories, and about her care and attention to the grandchildren, even if they have long grown up and say nothing! Today - her birthday, the long-awaited and highly desirable holiday! Lovely granny! We want to wish you so much! Let your life be all that you want, and let each day to celebrate cherished desire!

Today, our large and friendly family gathered together, so that in this case there is no more important than welcome on our birthday grandma! Today we will try to surround it with care and attention, solemnly take that gift and welcome from the heart! And I am sure that our good wishes fly to the heavens - and not just today, but always, every moment of our grandmother will surround true happiness!

We, grandchildren, grandmother lot. Now, looking back, I just wonder! To cope with such a crowd and raise it in honor of honor, you must be at least sorceress! However, the fact that my grandmother - the good fairy, I never doubted ... And today, her birthday, I want to hug her tightly and thank goodness, wish many years of a happy, prosperous life!

Childhood - that magical time in which the world is created not only the child but also the future of adult ... his victories, successes and everything good in my life I have no doubt owes much to my grandmother! Happy birthday, my dear! Receive greetings and best wishes from loving you grandson, and know, always know that even when I would become a grandfather, I will still love you just as fast!

On this special day I Happy Birthday to you, Grandma, and I wish you from my heart for old age ... not! - The better your future years be very happy! Let your eyes see the stars, the back does not hurt, and good humor shines like the sun! And that your happiness was complete, I solemnly promise that I will always take care of you, to love and not to forget a single moment that passed next to you in peace and comfort!

Lovely, unique my grandmother! Today - your Birthday! The first thing I want to say - that their children I would not want my grandmother better than you, which means that soon I would really like to offer you the role of a happy grandmother! And, of course, take from me the warmest wishes, tender, crisp and colorful happiness that one can find in our world!

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