Happy birthday for boy

Happy birthday for boy


You have a birthday today, it's such a wonderful holiday. For you I wish a magical environment. Let the house walks triumph, joy, harmony prevails. Similar may always be there, and delight you successes and achievements. Cases may rise as climbers on Everest. The work brings the real joy and love will only be mutual. Let thy assistants are Faith, Hope and Love. Faith may always live in your heart, hope is not extinguished even in a moment of despair, and Let love surrounds you life. Go just ahead, without turning back. And bravely overcomes all barriers!

They say as spend his birthday, so the entire year is then. I heartily congratulate you happy birthday with this bright holiday. I wish all plans came true one by one. Let only good people meet on your way, and give your life to something good. And even if you get lost, nor know what to do, never give up, and lift your head to the sky and ask your guardian angel for help. Believe in miracles, and they descend in your life. So as Celebrate your holiday with a great mood and a smile on his face. I believe that your life will come success, and take with him his girlfriend luck. Good luck on this day, a car. And lots of surprises!

Beautiful, intelligent, young boy, we want to congratulate on his birthday. Always be a winner and be the first we want you. Let submitting mountain, dreams come true. Life shall be interesting, bright, rich, safe. Stay as strong, brave, courageous!

Hero, a young boy, we want the birthday wish health, happiness, prosperity, well, do not forget about us. Long life to you shines brightest star. Remain the same optimistic, beautiful, energetic.

Tall, handsome and brilliant this guy, and so day congratulate him on his birthday. We wish cheerful, good spirit, resilience and courage in his actions, clarity and speed of thought. Let obey tops and Olympus, surrounded true, reliable friends.

You are my best, you are my hero! Happy Birthday to you! Please always the same courageous and strong, never sick, whether you're the happiest!

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