Birthday wishes for friend boy

Birthday wishes for friend boy


Hero, a young boy, we want the birthday wish health, happiness, prosperity, well, do not forget about us. Long life to you shines brightest star. Remain the same optimistic, beautiful, energetic.

Do not know what you'd like to I wish you a birthday so I wish you fulfillment dreams! This is for you neobhidnishe any other wishes! Happy Birthday!

Happiness - is when dreams fulfilled, as wish you happiness! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Let me give you a short message of smile and good mood for the day! I wish you happiness!

Happy birthday. Sit quietly, listen in silence and think about life. To sum up this year, which was obviously an interesting and diverse. Remember your dreams, goals and plans. Set a task for this year, and persistently do our best to implement it. Then thank God for another year lived and accept my wishes. I want to forget about bad luck, sorrow, sadness, simply cross out the words of his life. Persistently dobyvaysya fact that zadumalosya. Give your love without demanding anything in return and get twice as much love and affection. Rejoice for the success of loved ones from the heart. Thank God for each new day. Believe in success. And life becomes a fairy tale!

Let the life you expect only good randomness and is scheduled realized, bringing you only the positive points! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to you on your Birthday! We wish you always be so attractive, beautiful, courageous and strong! Friends you good, loyal and reliable! Man, that loved and respected! Happy Birthday!

I congratulate you on your Birthday and I wish you health, happiness and good luck! To your heart liked! Stay always the way I know you: good, nice and simple!

I congratulate you on your Birthday! Please always loved and healthy! I wish you much happiness, many words! Have at thee always reliable friends who respect you! Happy Birthday to you!

You become a year older, so intelligent, so, you know that the road is not a gift, and attention. Happy Birthday!

My true and loyal friend to you today a holiday is a holiday called birthday. My wishes to you all fair to look into the eyes of another is not ashamed, leave childishness and become a man, and always be able to stand up for himself.

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