Birthday wish sms for girlfriend

Birthday wish sms for girlfriend


Happy birthday girl who never betrays, never cheat, never leave in the lurch and never forget the good. It's you, my dear friend! Stay always so, let all of you in life will develop only the best!

Hello! You and I are friends for many years, although they say that between M and F friendship can not be. Can! I am very glad to be your friend and with no less joy I greet you on the Day of jam! Good health, success and realization of all desires!

Our friendship is tested over the years and things that I'm sure you are 100%, but it can boast of very few, but I can not! Thank you for your kind words, support you to me will always be the best girl, at least 45, at least 75 years! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, happy fun, happy laughter and joy! Do you have a holiday today, I am pleased to welcome such a charming girl with this significant event! You're not my friend for an hour, but for a lifetime and I am sure that no force can destroy what we have built together. Love, happiness and health to you, my good!

A friend - not just the title, it must be earned. And I am very glad that you have long deserved and is a hundred times confirmed in word and deed! On your birthday I wish you only joy in his eyes and love in your heart and the rest will come by itself!

Girlfriend, what you're gorgeous! You always condescending attitude towards my weaknesses. Support me when I need it, like no other. When lifetime vsadzhuye spikes in the heart, only you can help them pull. Please also happy to let everyone in your life will be easy and simple!

Girlfriend, I want to congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you the true female happiness - huge and pure love, warm hearth and cute little kids. And your friends will always be there, help and support if that. Including me. Please also happy, my dear!

Our friend, we now want only the festive mood and sea gifts! She deserved this, it is worth like no other and so that day we want to say it in chorus, "Happy birthday, friend! Be cheerful and open, honest and loyal, generous and intelligent girl, though at 15, even 55 years. "

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