Happy Birthday to a Friend

Happy Birthday to a Friend


On your holiday, Dad, we, Call guests to the heart you become lighter and more fun to life was just happy care. You, Father, we first after God, let him give it to you health and happiness and let your light will be a long road.

I congratulate you, Dad's Birthday! Wish not only joy, happiness, dreams and earnest hopes, but just remember that we are always there and always appreciate the love that you gave us from childhood. Dad, we love you too!

Today the holiday table met all our friendly family to welcome our beloved Pope, the head of a numerous family. Dad, we want you to be the same fit and healthy for years to come, we all love you.

Father! So it was a great day of your N-anniversary. We all - children, grandchildren, welcome you with such a significant event. N-year milestone - a definite milestone in my life, debriefing and evaluation of its achievements. We wish you many more times to summarize. You brought up the children and see how to grow your grandchildren, great-grandchildren pobavyty and then sit down for a memoir. Health to you, affluent life, energy and unwavering faith. Happy Birthday!

Honey, know the saying "45 - berry grandmother again?" So, I want to know that you are in my sweetest, most juicy and fragrant berry on the planet! Happy Birthday!

Dear friend, probably somewhere you found the secret of eternal youth because you completely invisible on your anniversary age. Please also beautiful and always enjoying the attention of men, and even every sport and industrious as ever. Happy anniversary you!

You are my favorite friend! 20 (25, 30, etc.) years - a great date in front - a lifetime of happiness. I wish you to be beautiful in body and soul, healthy, fun and of course the beloved. Let your long life's journey is not met adversity and weather that you always smiling sun and good luck!

Dear hero of the day in this gorgeous holiday sincerely wish success in life and at work, in family well-being, harmony in the soul, happiness and health for many, many years!

On your birthday in your birthday, my dear friend, I wish you full happiness locomotive, carriage of joy, bundle of smiles and good mountain ... I wish your angel - keeper took you by the hand and held through the trouble, bad weather, to tears fulfillment of your cherished dreams! I wish that in your window always shining bright sun! I wish no thunder and no rain poured down. Happy Birthday dear thou ours!

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