Happy birthday greeting card for boyfriend

Happy birthday greeting card for boyfriend


Today I want to congratulate this man happy birthday and wish him shall be in life all you need is love, health, happiness, friendship and good soul forever. With an open heart and love, I wish you happiness and health!

Friend, heartily congratulate you happy birthday! I want to wish you a wonderful day in health, happiness, smile more and a lot of positive emotions!

My friend! I wish you a bright path that you passed through life without obstacles. To love you meet in life was ever one and all. I also want to wish you every success in the way of improvement and creation.

Happy birthday my dear friend. Abraham Lincoln once said, "The best part of our life consists of friends." Indeed, you, my friend, decoration of my life. I am proud of our friendship and we both want to further prosperity.

Friend! I congratulate you on this happy day! Well you could wish for! I wish you success, joy and fervor! May you never lose heart in difficult times and knew the best friend you will always be able to support and cheer! Happy Birthday!

Friendship is strong not so often nowadays. And not everyone can boast as we can! I wish you only what you yourself want and not a drop more or less! After all, you yourself know exactly what and how much to wish. Happy!

(Name), you are my friend, you and me both brother. I really appreciate our friendship. And your birthday wish you want to win anytime, anywhere, to achieve the highest goals, to implement the boldest plans. Let you accompanies this success. Faithful to you friends, lots of interesting meetings, dating and surprises.

My faithful friend. Do you have a holiday today, this holiday is called birthday. My wishes to you all fair to look into the eyes of another is not ashamed of our lives, leave childishness and become husband and myself always able to stand.

In a world of many values. And not all of them physical. There are things like stability, loyalty, love, righteousness, and many more things. But most importantly, in my opinion - a friendship. With the second, you have everything. Therefore, I consider myself a rich man, because I have you - my friend!

Dear (name), welcome! It is a great happiness to have such loyal and trusted friends, like you, always ready to help. They say that friends - a family that we ourselves choose yourself. Yes, you for me not just a friend, but the native people. I wish you to be as easy and direct. Let your life be a little more luck. And if you need help - remember that you have to rely on anyone.

My dear friend, today, on the day of your birthday, I want to wish you the fulfillment of all desires, opportunities to touch the dream and enjoy it! Let You are surrounded by good people only, irradiated great ideas come to visit creative ideas!

I want to congratulate Happy Birthday, you my best friend. Let on your life's journey, you will not meet any obstacles. I wish you true friends, strong and loving family, and that family was in abundance. Let all your life plans come true.

Dear friend! I have great pleasure to congratulate you on your Birthday! I know that you are a wonderful and talented man! Never retreats and always believe in themselves! Believe in the people around you, and if any problems are you on the shoulder! I sincerely wish you good health, happiness and success! You - the best friend in the world!

In the forest lives a lot of trails and everybody has one. Sometimes paths converge, merge, then scatter in different directions. I was lucky, with me on the way you go, you and I can only wish that we were always "on the road".

Happy birthday buddy! Let today the city burst with envy about your party. Tomorrow let us crack head from drinking and from experience! It is so necessary to meet the (number) years - fun, noisy and in a big way, in short as we do, here and now!

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