Birthday message to loved ones

Birthday message to loved ones


My beloved. I am grateful to fate for what it brought us with you, and that we are together. I wish you a happy birthday and wish you a positive attitude, constant expectation of a miracle, the euphoria of life. Let all your affairs you accompany Mrs. Luck, though you'll get everything with ease and joy. To your life was filled with harmony and that you always reached its goals. I'll give you a reliable rear, love and care. Be happy, dear!

My beloved, I greet you a happy birthday! I wish everyone lived a year, you only remember the good events and the onset of a new year of your life meant anticipation of new victories and achievements! I love you and I really want to hold you close to many more years!

I love you, sometimes I can not express it in words. I want you to know that your birthday - the day when the world was my second half. I wish you excellent friends, success in the beloved, and I was there, because I can not be away long.

Dear and beloved (name) Happy Birthday! You're cute, romantic and cheerful. I envy itself - have a guy - a real success! When I talk with you, I forget about everything. Are you so well! I wish you to stay so that you are, because you - the best! Good luck to you in all your endeavors. I love you!

Many things I want to wish you, my dear, my beloved prince, the day you were born! Large amounts of earthly beauty, fabulous weightlessness heaven and eternal mystery of distant stars! And do not forget that the closest you - I!

What a wonderful day - birthday! Hello! Be the best among the best. Worthy of decent and equal among equals! I believe and know that deep down you are a wonderful, light and extremely good person! Stay away so always favorite!

What is the day of your birth, my hero, my knight! Many wonderful gifts today will surround you with the beauty and elegance! I also want to give you a gift and I hope that it shall fall to you to the heart ...! I give you words that are hidden dearest to me, what makes my heart tremble gently, and why I feel so good for the soul! These words - you are my favorite!

Today, it is a happy and exciting holiday, I want to congratulate you happy birthday, sweetheart! Many fine words with awe and admiration I look forward queue to be said. But only one, only one word, I know you're waiting. It is like life-giving water in the desert. It can move mountains and turn back the river. It - a wonderful oasis of harmony and splendor corner ... I give you the word, it is about my love to you!

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