10th year Birthday wishes

10th year Birthday wishes


Dear (name)!
We welcome you to this round date. And wine is getting better with age and you just now really blossomed. And as graphite eventually turns into a diamond, and you are out of the ordinary girl turned into a woman, familiarity with which we all hold dear. We wish you positive emotions, peace and harmony in the soul!

Congratulations on the anniversary of 10 years!
Our dear son! You are very great, and this anniversary - 10 years - your first round date, truly adult anniversary! We welcome you to a decade, we wish to remain the same wonderful, kind, sympathetic person, delight us with their successes and new vital step! Good luck and endless!

They say that in 50 years of life is just beginning! You have great independent adult children, great experience, dozens of migrant workers years behind. It's time to start living for yourself. Sure, now kids will support you, and you will rightly give them advice and help raise grandchildren and deserved rest! Congratulations on your anniversary! Stay healthy and happy!

Dear our beloved hero of the day! Today we have gathered for this festive dinner to congratulate you not only on his birthday and on the anniversary, a nice round date - 40 (50, 60, 70) years! We wish you on this day kind words, attention of colleagues, friends and loved ones! Let good health, even failure does not occur in your way, let success accompanied in all cases! Happiness and Health for a hundred years to come!

I wish this anniversary care to all poor left behind and not clouded life or a year, or 10, 20 years! Let life flow in his calm, measured line, even ahead expect a happy moment, let the sun illuminates the path and luck leads you by the hand to new victories and achievements. Health, happiness, good luck!

Congratulations on your long-awaited festive date - on the anniversary! We wish never to grieve, have fun and fool around, even in 90 years, remain cheerful spirit and body! Do exercises every morning, do not allow yourself to be lazy and depressed, because our thoughts material! So do not let the bad thoughts, do not let nahanyaty over tight! Be young, we all know and love you!

Happy anniversary! I wish infinite number of solemn anniversaries, meet and accompany these holidays with sadness and regret, celebrate anniversaries even decades! Neither afraid of running figures, gray Do not let leads mourning, let younger soul no matter what! Health, love, colorful life experiences, even life plays in colors 50, 60, 70, and every year adds wisdom and experience, but diminishes health and strength! Happy anniversary, dear ours!

Today big round date - your 50 year anniversary! Let it be remembered for a great holiday festive dinner, guests fun and good mood! I would like to wish you and subsequent anniversaries to celebrate in this festive and cozy atmosphere! Let all be fulfilled that is not true, let life brings surprises, never let storms thundering over you, let the sun heat and light illuminates your family, friends and loved ones. Health, love, warmth and care! Congratulations!

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