Send a birthday greetings

Send a birthday greetings


The planet Earth is home to about seven billion people. But I dedicate this greeting is you, because for me there is no one in the world more than you ... You - precious treasure you - a true friend, you - the loving husband, me no one will ever be able to replace you. I am grateful to fate for what in my life is you. And on this day I want to vypovnysya all your deepest desires! I try to be decent you. Happy birthday, my favorite people!

This day - common to all people - is of great value to me. On this day you are born, and it is wonderful! Now we are together, hand in hand, we go through life, and our hearts beat in one clock cycle. I am happy that you gave me life, because you became my fullest, the closest person in the world! So on this day - the day of your birth - I wish you the highest happiness. I try to make every day of our life together was the happiest for you!

Like beads strung on silk thread, gather the days of our life together. And so, once again, came one of the happiest and best day - your birthday. I love this day, because that he gave me you. I love this day because it allows to give you the warmest bunch of words and feelings. I love you and this love above all else on the planet. I want us to be immensely happy life together!

I often see a number of past days, which, like pearls in a necklace, occurred close to each other. I see every little reflection rays of happiness and beauty. Dear, without you in my life there would be no happiness without you my life would not be so beautiful - you means a lot to me. When you are not around - everything is meaningless. I want all the remaining days of our life together always shining sun of love and kindness, and I will try to be this sun for you! Happy Birthday!

Beloved husband and I congratulate you on your Birthday! Life rarely gives us days, bringing with them a piece of happiness. This day - one of the rarest, because it brought you. You - the greatest happiness for me! Let the sun illuminate the love of your life and in your heart you will hear chords happiness! I wish you good health, rapid career progression and all the benefits of our common life that merged the two streams into one!

Happy birthday, my favorite man! For me there is no happier day and refined than your birthday! You have always been by my side, was a mainstay in difficulties, supported, when there were failures ... I do not know what would have happened to me, if not life gave you this day. You made ??my life much joy and happiness, light and heat! I congratulate you and wish you always stay the same as now! I love you, and let that love warms your heart a gentle fire ...

Dear and beloved man! I heartily congratulate you on this wonderful birthday and wish ... Well, wanted to wish you good health, but remember that it is you stronger granite. A lot of money ... but we like them enough, and extra useless. Good friends ... but you have a lot of them and they are great in the world! Happiness ... but I gave it to you in the day of our wedding. Good luck and good luck ... but they accompany you at every step. God, I wish you nothing ... because I want you to keep and multiply everything that you possess!

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