Happy birthday wife message

Happy birthday wife message


Wife I love immensely! And today, on her birthday I want to give her all the stars from the sky, all the heat of the sun and the coolness of the month, let your dreams are not them, and put into practice as soon as possible! Smile, laugh and be happy, and I'll help with it!

Happy, my lovely wife! You know, they say marriages are made ??in heaven. Then I just had not come for what services the angels gave no more remarkable to me that is so beautiful and pure star like you. Probably something mixed up ... but I would like to warn them there at the top - I never give you!

Favorite! Today is special, it is filled with fun and celebration! A different and can not be, because it's your birthday! I want you to stay the same blindingly beautiful, incredibly soft and responsive magically! Do not think about age, you will always be looking at 18!

Mother my wife's Birthday! If you were a rose, I sure would be a butterfly. If the leaf - the wind. If a bird - a tree. If fish - sea. And if you were chortytsi (though why if at all ...), I would be the most sinful people to remain forever in hell. If only you were near ...

Good health for many years, let him pass by all the sorrow, adversity, even joy, happiness sparkling eyes, and just laughing sparkling tear. Happy Birthday, my darling sweetheart and wife!

In my favorite crumb holiday today - birthday! I congratulate you very first want to wish you celebrate this day fun and memorable, just like always. Be the most beautiful, kind and intelligent woman not only today, but always. I kiss you, my dear, and Happy Birthday!

My wife - a beautiful and wise woman! Beautiful as she pounds her makeup or a bunch of jewelry, she is beautiful by nature and not only outside but also inside. A wise it because it chose a man in such a wonderful person like me! I congratulate you happy birthday, my prima!

Wife - continued her husband. On which it depends are men. I am happy that fate gave me a wife like you. Beautiful, delicate as an angel, intelligent and kind, cheerful, able to support and give wise counsel. With you in our house warm and cozy. I congratulate you on your Birthday and wish to remain the same many, many years!

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