Happy birthday wife ecard

Happy birthday wife ecard


Mother my wife today many beautiful sounds of words for your honor. Accept and my wish for you many years and good health to you, youth, strength, beauty, albeit always, not only on the day of birth, fondest dreams come true. Most smile, every word happy.

Favorite Young Lady congratulate on the holiday. Let your eyes still shine, shine smile face. I wish to be as young, beautiful, elegant, charming. You fill our house cozy and warm, always attentive and caring to everyone. You are my queen, my star!

My dear, beloved significant other! I congratulate you on holiday! I wish that every day gave you a piece of joy and warmth to you as often as you smiled and was always by my side! I love you and never tire of repeating it!

You can often hear comparisons of family life with the cart, they say, pull, pull, and more. I have my life with you I can only compare with the river walk. Brings us life in its waves, sometimes smoothly and easily, sometimes there are rapids and rifts, but our boat solid, close-knit team of storm and no wonder!

Sweet, affectionate, gentle, caring and most beautiful wife in the world! Your loving husband wishes you a happy birthday! Honey, I want you to always delighted me with his smile! I promise you will not grieve and do everything that you were happy!

Sweet, along with a bouquet of roses I want to give you my loving and faithful heart. Let your beauty and tenderness live a hundred years and not wither. April always any desired, healthy, happy, flirty and passionate. With love to thy faithful people.

Happy Birthday, my dear. Let this day all the sadness go away, and only beautiful in the morning sun you smiling. I wish you happiness, health, vitality and a lot of energy. May each day bring you joy and luck.

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