Anniversary birthday poems

Anniversary birthday poems


Dear aunt heartily congratulate you on your birthday. Have you always accompanies good luck and success, let your loved ones will always care about you and your needs are always met. Happy holiday!

(Name - name), let me congratulate you on your birthday. On this holiday we wish you great happiness of all desires and huge success at work. Let nothing and you will not be able to outshine and people you may always give you the smile and care. Happy holiday!

"Chukchi say ..."
Chukchi say a thousand miles - not the distance, a hundred deer - not flock sixty degrees - no frost, fifty years - not age! We wish you another 50 years to get out of childhood and grow so that we can say this is - age!

Sweetheart, beloved mother. Even though you are 50 and for me you are always 25! You're in my heart always cheerful and serene, and run with me in the meadow and laugh. Your smile is always with me, and it warms me in the most difficult moments. Thank you that you are in me! You just spent half a century, more than half a century, we will be with you together!
And I really hope that your grandchildren will warm your charming smile!

We welcome! "
In 20 years, guided by the desire man, 30 - mind, 40 - mind, in 50 years - wisdom. Today we welcome the wise, prudent and reasonable!

Mommy dear to you today jubilee. So accept congratulations from innate children. Sincerely heads we bow before you. How we love and appreciate our words can not convey. You, our favorite, the only native helmet pozdravlenya our bow and our earth.

Lovely mom! Your gentle and kind hands we were at first, then taught to write, and then kept showing us the right way. Sometimes we do not obeyed and did everything in his own way, you are afflicted and helped us in any situation.
Mom, you are always in our minds wherever we go. Today is your anniversary, and we see that you're a little sad, but it is useless. The anniversary - a great occasion to much time to say thank you, hug you and say, "You're the best mom in the world!" Be happy and stay always the same young and beautiful, but we will try just to please you! Happy anniversary, Mom!

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