Birthday Love

Birthday Love


If you ask me what I fear more than anything else, I'll answer, I'm afraid to see tears in the eyes of my girlfriend. Mother, I greet you a happy birthday! Be always happy and positive, let all the troubles and failures pass by your house. I love you, do not forget about it!

I wish a happy birthday for his beloved woman who gives me warmth and joy every day. How can I thank her? Maybe to give the ocean of tenderness? Or sea of happiness? Or maybe both? No, she deserves better, I'll give it to you! Happy birthday, my dear, you accept this gift?

Honey, I wish you happiness! What is happiness? Happiness - it is harmony. Harmony is impossible without loyalty. And loyalty, sister Faith. Faith is inseparable from hope. What is Love without Hope ?! Your love is inseparable from me. So, I just want you YOURSELF! Happy birthday, dear!

Today is the birthday of the most expensive man - in my girlfriend! I embrace you tenderly kiss! You have now a lot of greetings and gifts, but I hope that will be the best gift for you because I give myself entirely to you and all his tenderness and love!

Happy Birthday, gentle happiness! I wish you a bright holiday in that every day brought joy and a smile graced pretty face. As guardian angel cute girl take under his wing and keep from harm. I hope that in the book of life will be our co-branded pages.

Legend has it that each of us in the sky lights up its own lucky star. Favorite! Let now thy heavenly mascot burns the brightest light, fulfilling all your cherished desires and lighting you the way to infinite happiness. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my darling! It is my pleasure to share this day with you. I would like to sincerely wish you true friends, good health, good luck in all your endeavors. Let your life be filled with bright colors!

Honey, honey, fish, my most beautiful and wonderful girl! I congratulate you happy birthday and preparing a surprise! Everything you learn in the evening;)

Honey, now you have a holiday, and you worthy of the most beautiful gift. Gave you like stars, but they are dull in comparison with your beauty. Gave you all have flowers in the world, but they are better than you. So I give you the most valuable: my heart! Happy birthday, dear!

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