Happy Birthday & Anniversary Quotes

Happy Birthday & Anniversary Quotes


"Today you turned 50 years"
Today you turned 50 years old. You can say, "There was," as you can - "was still." If you have just turned "50", then there will be all the "100"! Happy anniversary!

"I congratulate you on the anniversary! "
I congratulate you with half a century anniversary! So much has happened in your life important events. And how much good you'll get ahead, because in the world as beautiful, interesting and unexplored. I wish you, that your life has been full of good. Have you just happy to play the dreams from which you want to smile and live.

"Beloved mother"
The way our mother! Every day you work is in full swing, my mother - the best in us. But today is a joyous day, anniversary, celebration and this holiday for us! We all want to congratulate you and to wish good luck and success to you was smiling, not otherwise! To joy each day was! Smiles, happiness and warm sea!

"50 - a time of smiles! "
50 - a time of smiles! In this day of warmly welcome you! We wish you everything that one could wish: a pleasant environment, love and respect! Let no anxiety on the way there, it will come true, as mriyetsya! Love, happiness! To live as many more years without sorrow, unhappiness and misery!

"Today you knocked 50 years! "
Today you knocked 50 years! But that is no reason to give up and do nothing. Now it's your mission - Transfer of the younger generation. As soon as you sit down on a bench near the house and see a girl in a short skirt always say, "That, in our time we did not allow ourselves this! "Happy anniversary!

"You become wiser"
I wholeheartedly want to congratulate you on the anniversary! You broke so many wonderful, interesting and unusual, but it is just beginning. You become wiser, more experienced, blahorazumnee, so you can look at it completely the other hand, what I told you from the heart and desire. Happy!

Beloved son, I heartily congratulate you on the anniversary. You became a successful man who is loved and respected by all. I am so glad that you achieved all of that dream, but right now you will open new opportunities that you must use. Congratulations, dear!

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