happy birthday greeting in english

happy birthday greeting in english


Happy Birthday! I wish you harmony with the world and a good woman! Let "wife" and "harmony" in your home and heart become inseparable concepts!

Married - does not mean not free! True freedom - a freedom of mind and freedom from bad habits that ruin lives! We wish you to feel free and be free, with a solid and reliable back! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! We wish you wisdom and understanding! Let you understand! And you, by virtue of their wisdom, understand others!

Happy Birthday! Let your life be and passion, and love that will remain forever! Be healthy and happy!

Happy Birthday! We wish you did not lose life long passion and delight us with their impeccable sense of humor! With love and respect to you!

You as a support in the difficulties for us! We wish you the very not break, but become stronger and stronger! Happy Birthday! Be happy!

Dear _______!
Listen carefully. Earth has made a whole number of revolutions around the sun since like your great voice first shook persons present at Thy birth.
Here's what. If you, dear, with the same constancy and perseverance with which the earth revolves around the sun, sought the hand of the woman in your apartment for a long time to children's voices rang.


Welcoming a great man, you lost that wish. But as you know, there are no limits to perfection, so I want to make your home more comfortable was a career more successful, happier personal life. Respect you health and success.

Let this day will be the point that will leave behind the years of persistent hard work, sleepless nights, worries and anxieties, when you go to the current goal. Let then you just wait for good moments and easy victory.

We wish you success at work, excellent health and more pleasant surprises of life. May you always have something to boast about. Optimism you in all cozy warm house full of friends.

Happy Birthday! Let life be full of joy, happy events and fun!

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