Happy birthday to the woman i love

Happy birthday to the woman i love


Kind, sincere, wonderful woman Happy Birthday. We wish to flit - like a butterfly blossom - like a rose in spring, flourish - the sun. Let pleased with relatives and friends caring, understanding, warmth and respect. You are beautiful, graceful and charming always.

Let today be the most beautiful woman in the same finest spirits! And it will be passed around all day and do it very good! And let everyone remember your holiday and think, wow is in a good man, a good day! Happy Birthday!

Charming and attractive woman! Today you celebrate their birthday with friends and family. I want to wish you to keep your blooming beauty for years to come, multiply all the best that you already have, never face the troubles and always remain feminine, loved and cherished!

Today I can not wait to welcome birthday present woman human qualities which I admire! You truly beautiful - a combination of wisdom and lightness, tenderness and determination, self-sufficiency and romance! I wish you never lose femininity and optimism.

Today, this day, I want to present their lovely woman greeting! On this birthday, I wish you to be feminine in any situations. Never lose your dignity, always keep a smile on your face and keep their beauty as a precious gift. Have you never leaves a feeling of absolute happiness!

Woman, which successfully combines perseverance and gentleness, care and dedication, thrift and elegance - a rarity. But you is - a valuable rare instance. I admire you and heartily Happy Birthday! Let all the flowers will fall at your feet for you to hear all the compliments and stars shine in heaven!

I congratulate you, divine creature - an amazing woman! Let this birthday wish come true all you think about, but the mood will be the most exciting and joyful! For you - all the best wishes and compliments, beautiful bouquets and expensive gifts! Be always happy like today!

Road favorite, most native and precious our birthday! We wish you health, such tightly that any microbe saw you with such boundless energy and tone, ran a mile away. May you always feel the endless tide of cheerfulness. Let your darling will find their mutual love and precious. To you for your prince, your loved one, your significant other, became a reliable defender and support in all matters, sincerely glad your success, loved and respected.

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