Happy Birthday Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Girlfriend


My favorite friend. You birthday today and get first in the life of the document, your passport. Accept congratulations from family and friends. May your holiday be the happiest and memorable in your life. Be cheerful and charming.

Dear friend I want to tell you my words of admiration, you are beautiful and sweet. I wish you loads of success, sunny smiles sky. Let all disappear from your life sadness and gloom of the past days. Let grief and trouble will bypass you party.

I congratulate you on your Birthday! Any happiest, most beloved, most charming and unique! Love you, faith, hope and goodness! You're the best friend for me!

(Name of the Lord), I congratulate you on your Birthday! I heartily wish joy, smiles, happiness and love! Let smile will light in your eyes! Let pass the trouble and all the problems!

My best friend, you have a holiday today and I am very glad to be among the first guests to greet you a Happy Birthday. Be happy, unique, always love and be loved! May flowers always grow, and will be a holiday where you are!

What you wish on this day? Of course, most loyal friends, the rich men, and the more often the better and more reliable. Love like a searing flame and dust as lighting. Be nice, kind cute, love herself and be loved.

There are gifts that stay with us - your kind words, your understanding and support, your unfailing optimism will remain with me forever. I wish you the very fulfillment of the dream! Happy Birthday!

Sweet friend, I want to wish you the main thing - to meet a decent man, because they are very different as novels. Some are interesting, others are boring and some are taking that impossible to put down. I wish to find a man that breathtaking.

Lovely girlfriend for you reference me optimism and lover of home comfort. I wish this day to your house always exuded fluids goodness and love and that coming to you to visit, we were relaxed and comfortable. Happy Birthday!

My dear (name)! I congratulate you on your Birthday! On this day, I wish you luck, happiness, luck, health and love! I will never forget the day when we met with you; I appreciate that I have you. Be happy and joyful! Your best friend.

Mother, my friend, today many beautiful sounds of words for your honor. Accept and my wish for you many years and good health to you, youth, strength, beauty, albeit always, not only on the day of birth, fondest dreams come true. Most smile, every word happy.

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