Happy birthday pictures

Happy birthday pictures


My good old friend! We already know forever, although you today was only fifty. Although hair is already posriblyla your whiskey, you are still young at heart and pretty darn attractive. Stay always so, it is very important to me.

We welcome you with a round date.
Let everything that has been achieved, maintained and multiplied, and that is the aim come true. Happiness and faith in ourselves!

You already have 20 today.
Serious date, I tell you. And I want to wish you all, all. And I'm not kidding. To be healthy was to was good to happy, loved and happy!

On the 25 th anniversary!
Your intuition and charm, makes you special. You have a lot of other great qualities. Take care of it all. Stay always in the same natural man! Let life circumstances are formed so that this list only replenished.

Today we have a lovely day.
A special anniversary - 16 years. It's not fifteen, are older and almost-almost one foot in adulthood. And not eighteen. But it's fine. Another teenager, still noisy joy, and not to carry this responsibility. Therefore, I want to congratulate the wonderful holiday from 16 - anniversary, over time, childhood and adulthood at a time.

In your 16
Birthdays would like to wish you remain the same young, fun and energetic! Before you open a lot of doors and the correct choice is before you!

You know,
not only a birthday, but also in any other day, I wish you only a pure heart and a sincere Only the most beautiful and cheerful! With your 18 Happy Birthday! Love, bright, unforgettable meetings, true friends, festive mood, the fulfillment of desires and creative achievements!

About you can say:
"She goes through life Easy". And rightly so, because your light procession, charming beauty, charm and sensitivity make you the most lovely man. Let the Day You Were Born to wish you all only the light. Good health, unfading beauty, optimism, success in business and implementation of all planned Day 18th anniversary

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