Wishing happy birthday to your husband

Wishing happy birthday to your husband


Male - head of the family.
I think it sounds so simple, but what lies behind these words? The present head of the family - not a strict commander, but a wise counselor, a good understanding on what exactly kept his house, and protects his family. I want to congratulate her husband on his birthday and he admit that our family so happy and prosperous because of it, his efforts, multiplied by the infinite love

You came into my life burst like a fresh wind, and in my heart forever settled spring. Hours, minutes, days ... all mingled in a time when we are together. The time of our marriage - my best years. Your Birthday - this is my holiday, because I can not imagine myself apart from you. I wish our life was always cloudless and bright, that you have always been cheerful and full of new closeups we will carry out together!

Long - long - long ago, in ancient Greece, to the guy three decades considered lad, and from 30 to forty years - boys. I congratulate her husband with the entry of adolescence in adolescence. I sincerely wish 6uty healthy and wealthy!

Dear people!
I congratulate you on holiday! wish that our love and our relationship was strongest, long and mutual until his death! I love you very much!

My beloved!
The morning of your 50th birthday, and I first congratulate you! I was fortunate to be loved one in your life, and for me, like many years ago, the best start to the day - to wake up next to you, the better end of the evening - fall asleep in your arms. Happy birthday, dearest my man, whether the same is a perfect and happy forever!

My dear!
In your arms I warm and cozy, every breath with you - sweet. How can I wait your return when you are not around! And how lovely that your happy moments in your 25th birthday - I am close to you, I can hug, congratulate and wish the best that we can find in the world for my beloved!

On 50th anniversary, sweetheart!
I remember how you met. It was love at first sight. I thought, "I want this man became my husband, the father of my children. I know that we will have a happy family." Now, looking back, I realize that was right. We loved each other, created a family, we have wonderful children were born, and we lived together for many years. Sometimes it was hard, but we love each other and are able to overcome. Today our family and close friends gathered together, and I want first to congratulate her husband on his birthday! Know that you us a road, be happy in your birthday and always!

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