Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Happy Birthday Sweetheart


Beloved, my dear wife. Be always cheerful and energetic for and concerns. Let this day will be the most shining day of your life. I want to share with you a good mood and happiness and give you your favorite flowers. Happy Birthday!

That's how you live, you live with a man in the same city, walking along one of the streets, looking at the same billboards, and absolutely no idea what is your judgment, your half, your sole and whose voice will complement yours and whose you will continue to move. Happy Birthday to you, my light, my song!

I welcome my beloved wife a Happy Birthday! Honey, you're the most amazing woman I've ever met! I'm glad I spent all those years side by side with you! I wish you was always in good spirits and smiled, and I admire thy smile!

Dear wife, greet you a Happy Birthday! You always remain young, beautiful, charming and, of course, loved! I wish you never felt a lack of compliments because you're worth listening to them every day!

Congratulations to you, my hope and joy, the only woman and best friend! No matter how many years you was not, you will always be my touching, young and bright girl. I love you.

Recently I was asked what I like women: blondes or brunettes, full or thin? So, I sent all to hell from good deed goes unpunished! Happy birthday, darling!

Favorite! Soft! Lovely and most beautiful! Unique and affectionate and sensual, sexually attractive, feminine and attractive!
I could say a lot of words on this special day, you are perfection! I congratulate you my radiant sun, my snowdrop, on the Day You Were Born!
Although I am not perfect, but I try to do for you all that you desire, not just words! You for me the most desirable of all women in the world, I love your eyes, let the two lights glow whenever you're near me, I am very glad that I have you. I love you!

Today I want to congratulate you on your birth. I wish to you, just happy and laughing. To never missed. I want to be beautiful and good; success, happiness and bend around problems!

Gina called to the house? It will appear in the evening - with a gift and fragrant bouquet. It's your holiday! Tell me your wish is crazy - and I will perform it!

Come on you move from it ... Your birthday note!

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