Happy birthday quotes for grandma

Happy birthday quotes for grandma


Smiles, graces the warmest words! Anxiety, joy, attention, flowers. To the soul always dominated the summer, that it warmed the heart of tenderness! I wish you happiness, joy, a huge ocean of love. Look in the ocean will not sink.

If you are in the world is well-being - are you my beloved grandmother.
Today I want to congratulate you on your birthday and tell how much I love you. You're the most important person in my life. You will not be for me the old, because you are very cool and beautiful grandmother in the world. I want you sang your songs my children. Happy birthday darling Granny!

Well, where, where we can find out that my mother when I was little, ate everything in the house sweet gentlemen who cared for the ladies is quite different than it is now that the milk was much dairy, and I was scared of spiders as a child. Grandmother - a memory the family, she guardian of traditions, it is the best, my grandmother!

People always remember childhood with a warm smile, and what childhood? This grandmother's bedtime stories and hot cakes, it is warm and participation in children's images, this patronage to parents, it luchinki fleeing eye wrinkles and caring good hands. Health and sunny days to you, my dear!

Let tears of happiness stand in front of the sincere and warm wishes, friendly attitudes of family and friends, gratitude, kindness and tenderness close!

Grandmother dear, my congratulations to you in such a wonderful holiday as your birthday. I wish only happiness were tears in the eyes of sincere and warm wishes, friendly attitudes of family and friends, gratitude, kindness and tenderness close!

Dear Grandma, you are kind and gentle to be never tired, and you're on - still beautiful, despite the 80 (70, 60, etc.) years. We wish that you were always bright dawn of life, and attention of your children and grandchildren warmed hotter than summer sun.

Granny in any bad weather you warm my heart with tenderness and love. I do not know which words to express the feeling of happiness, safety and care, which I retain from childhood. Perhaps you can just say that you - very dear and close to me man. I heartily congratulate you on the anniversary and wish you good health, good mood, cosiness in the house and stay always so cheerful. I love you, my grandmother!

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