Great grandma quotes

Great grandma quotes


Dear grandmother!
Our Youth - happy swift moment, incomprehensible by us, but by all securely stored in memory. Our new summer - this wealth, time wise, which allows you to not make mistakes and enjoy life for what it is in us.
Let all your days be filled with sparkling joy, positive peace, tumultuous experiences, new insights, exotic travel and a convincing victory wisdom. Everything in life changes we would like to accept as interesting cruises that are sure to end happily and bring joy and elegant solutions to problems.

Lovely granny!
How we remember yourself, you have always been there, you helped us you brought us, we shared with you his secrets, and sometimes you were closer to us than parents. Today we would like to greet you a happy birthday and wish you all the very best samoho- - health for many years of joy and happiness. You are surrounded by loving children and grandchildren, relatives and friends. May that day come true all your fondest wishes, and all the sorrows and troubles forgotten. Happy birthday, dear, babulechka.

My grandmother, my dear, my dear, happy birthday! How nice that you have in me is - a caring, kind and all-all interpretive! Thank you for all the things you taught me, for all your patience, in kindness and severity. I sincerely wish you happiness, good health and long -dovhyh happy years!

Grandma is now 60!
I propose a toast to the seven "H" our heroine celebration. For our unusual, unique, incomparable, magical necessary, darling!

Granny, dear, in your birthday I want to say so much! When my father my mother ever answer my questions, just listen - all you do. And if you knew how much it means that my life is such a wonderful, loving, kind and helpful people like you! Good luck, smiles, sunshine and of course health!

Our grandmother!
50 years - that's not the date it is - the peak of fate. We wish you all the joy to be generous and do not know the circuit trouble. Be beautiful and happy. Let all the good that you intended destiny fulfilled. You 50 years - a great age, which gives a new way and a new take off.

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