Funny Happy Birthday Cards for men

Funny Happy Birthday Cards for men


Today, we welcome you and want to wish all my heart happy days and gentle caresses beautiful and lovely princess. To heavyweight fight you got an easy victory!

Congratulations on ... - ANNIVERSARY! We wish in life was as sad and joyful, cold and hot days, and only happiness and health, be not as much!

I wish you that your life was the light like a clear sunny day, complete as a glass of champagne, cloudless as the sky over the desert. Let the stars in the night sky, always burning lights in the windows of your friends and relatives, lights of hope. Be healthy, happy and fartovyy!

We want to wish on this day, that happiness you never left to health over the years, not decreased. To each new day was beautiful the previous!

Happy Birthday to you! Health, love, luck of all desires! Stay always in the same cheerful, charming, kind and wonderful male!

Dear _____!
You want to talk about good and simple words. We all love you very much. Live long and happily, safely and wisely. Invite us to visit more often and mesmerizing his inner wealth many years!

I wish you all the best! Health, happiness, the sea of smiles and love the size of the ocean! And most importantly always be beautiful, intelligent and attractive!

I heartily congratulate you on an excellent and important holiday, the Day You Were Born! With all my heart I wish you you to stay always the same brave, courageous and sincere! Let you all and always manages with great ease, that no longer peculiar! I want you to live life just the way you like yourself! I want a huge, selfless love, because this is happiness! Suppose your house is always a smell of victory, a welcome and fresh! May all your dreams come true and desires! Happy Birthday!

Today we welcome a man which is harmoniously combined courage and fortitude, and temperance incredible mind considerations, wisdom and a warm heart. Birthday - a feast for the soul, so now you want to be always young, full of energy, always be the focus among the fair sex. We wish that your possibility always satisfy all the desires that wealth is always accompanied you through life. And most importantly, we wish to be as loving husband, son attentive, caring father and a wonderful man, we know you. Happy Birthday!

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