Grandfather birthday gift

Grandfather birthday gift


Happy Birthday, beloved, bright, a sensitive and kind my grandfather! Let it be fun and easy to live. Let the whole planet has for you. For you the sun shines, it rains. Let your garden always brings good bountiful harvest, let all the animals and birds will be fruitful.

My dear grandfather! I sincerely thank you for all the games, stories and memories that you gave me for my whole life! I will never forget it! Grandfather you are very wise and good! Thank you that I have! Happy Birthday! With love your grandson!

You taught me a lot! Taught how to hammer nails, fish, believe in people! You taught me to enjoy life! Taught to be kind, honest and sincere! Thank you for all! Take care of yourself, because I would really like that - you have learned all this and my kids! Happy Birthday!

Grandpa with your holiday! You're now born. And thanks to you on this earth and I am. I want to congratulate you on behalf of all the grandchildren. I wish you always be healthy, happy, loved, most kind, beautiful, the most intelligent, hard-working grandfather.

On the birthday of beloved grandfather grandson wishes to you was never sad and always have something to occupy their time. that you have a favorite hobby and hobbies. That you could divide my life with a loving and caring wife, who would you eaten tea in cold winter evenings. All the best to you!

Happy you were born, Grandpa! Although I grew up, but I still remember how you taught me and trained. I remember telling you about my first love and listened to your advice. How nice to have a grandfather like you, to which you can always come to for advice and to hear a kind word, who always listen and understand.

My dear and kind Grandfather, Happy You Were Born heartily welcomes you grandson! I thank you for your continued support. And even if you're not there, I know that your heart is always with me. I always remember your shining eyes that love to look at me. You're very kind and caring grandfather in the world.

My adorable old man, I was always so comfortable and well with you. Thank you for always hearken and support; Because I can always come to you for advice on what you know. Happy Birthday to you! I wish you strong and happy family. To you lived without quarrels and conflicts.

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