Happy birthday 70 years old

Happy birthday 70 years old


They say if your anniversary, make a most intimate desires, then the next anniversary it will come true, but there is one condition, we must believe, truly believe it. And all of our lives much depends on faith. If you believe in luck, it will come. Believe in miracles, it will come. To believe in fairy tales, they vtilyatsya in life. And do not believe in distress and negative, they do not come in your life. So in your anniversary I sincerely wish you to believe in luck, success. Always listen to your heart, and it will show the right direction, for which we must move. Let your anniversary, miracles are nearby.


You currently anniversary. This is such a wonderful celebration that brings positive and cheerfulness to the next anniversary. Spend the day as they have never pursued. And I in turn would like to wish you a great and amazing life, so happy that you pleasant surprises. To this day you gave warmth and kindness of the people who you really are important, and eyes that were filled with happiness and kindness. I wish to continue your life was all beautiful and more beautiful, and fate bestowed thousands of new opportunities. May this anniversary will change your life at times! Happy anniversary!

May this anniversary year will bring you great joy and share fun and good luck accompanies a gift this year, every day. And even if the memories, it is only good if the tears, the happiness. Remember this day, because this is where the road begins a new happiness. May this day you share smile and open for you a new wonderful world of Massa opportunities and prospects. Live and enjoy every minute of your life. Do not army time on people who do not guard and enjoy every moment spent in pleasant surroundings you people. Happy anniversary you!

I congratulate you with the most pleasant event this year, on the anniversary! I wish you many happy days, good life and good events in life. Let Guardian Angel always keeps your way. And the Lord brings you happiness. But you also do not rozslablyuysya and Dari good all around. I wish you a break today from all worries and spend your holiday as your heart desires. Thank God for life and for all that thou hast, and life will thank you. Happy anniversary!


Road hero of the day! Today momentous day - your birthday! It was in your life for everything: bad and good, but now the time to mention only the best. And let that which was glorious in life, repeated again and again bringing joy and happiness. And all evil shall go and be forgotten. I wish you many, many years of carefree living, getting out of life satisfaction!

Today you are celebrating a special Birthday - Anniversary! Round, a good date - 50 years! And since the momentous day, the mood and you should be fine! We wish you to keep the same exalted state of mind, the same feeling of happiness and joy for years to come! Peace to you, good luck and prosperity!

70 years - this is the age of great wisdom that has accumulated our hero of the day in years past. Invaluable experience gained him appreciates all his family and loved ones. After all, our dear birthday not skimp on good advice, and always ready to help not only in word but also in deed. And today we want to say thank you and to wish good, Siberian health and long happy, carefree life!

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