Happy birthday guy friend

Happy birthday guy friend


Birthday - a reason to come to the man and say that is the heart. So, I declare with a clear conscience: I heart the joy of what you, dear birthday is in the world. What do you decorate our lives come to the rescue and just love to live. Thank you for everything and for that thou hast gathered us all together.

Dear birthday! On the day of your birth heartily wish ... to green "Mercedes" of your life easily and happily visas you through life, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties that the road was in a flourishing garden and close to were all the one you need. For your happiness and success!

With all my heart I wish you happiness, dreams! Let life as bright mosaic, composed of bright colors of joy, memorable events, and each new day brings good luck and good mood!

Dear birthday! I congratulate you with Happy Birthday! I hope and wish you the best for the future. But we do not know the future. I know also your past successes and full of joy. But the past should not rule over us. Wish the same to you live and enjoy every moment "here and now" - the only thing we truly belongs!

I want to be successful and happy, celebrating every day to achieve their goals. Good as new opportunities, new victories, new challenges, and most importantly take care of what really matters to you.

Since birthday happens only once a year, I would like to spend your holiday unforgettable beautiful, funny and interesting. They say that if you really believe in miracles, then this day they come. Come and fulfill our deepest dreams that we so carefully preserve in mind. Make a day of it something special, that what I want your heart, because the heart can not lie. And then remember your most favorite dream from childhood, compare it with the one you have now, and you realize that the essence is the same. I want you to grow, gain experience, but in my heart to stay all by the same, child, fun and sweet, who believes in miracles and fairy tale. To be able to laugh even on their problems, and absurd situations. I wish you to be surrounded by people who are dear to you, and which inspire good deeds. Happy Birthday.

Life is a strange thing, that is not always possible time to get what you want. And today I would like to congratulate you first, and do it, probably the latter. But I hope from this you will be less pleasant. As it happened, I wish you that you always turned the right time in the right place. This will be called fate commitment to you. Please also always her favorite. Hello!

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