Birthday greetings to a friend

Birthday greetings to a friend


Let your world be colorful so much that smile of vbolivatymut cheekbones. Let your life will be so much happy that his eyes are shining lights of joy. Follow your dream and it will come true. Happy Birthday.

Friend! Happy Birthday to you, dear you our dear friend of ours! Be the happiest in the world, the most beautiful and rich as Rockefeller or Bill Gates, So long gold and shovel some money ... And yet - be nayfartovishym let Fortune smiles
you into all 32 teeth! Live quietly, without idle cares and troubles useless all year round! Look! Listen as happiness knocks at your house, my friend! Discover!

Dear (name)! I wish you that your life was the light like a clear sunny day, complete as a glass of champagne, cloudless as the sky over the desert. Let the stars in the night sky, always burning lights in the windows of your friends and relatives, lights of hope. Be healthy, happy and fartovym!

Let this day will flee from you of all guests. Let's go arm in arm aimlessly. We will communicate with strangers, we joke, laugh, fooling around. Remember as a child - adventure adventure adventure. Let this day, as you re narodyshsya. And with new force will want to live ... And let this be enough power for the next birthday!

Let your stash will become an investment. Let this investment, without taking strength and health will respect and career. Career and respect will bring a happy marriage and children. The children brought thee not forget to stash their children. So the more you zanachok and children and your family will press the Rockefellers. Happy birthday, my friend!

They say that laughter prolongs life. So I wish that your life was filled with laughter, joy and smiles and according to your life was getting too long. Happy Birthday.

Here you have ever seen a teddy bear in a zoo, lying and basked in pleasure? He is so happy that he has all that he would not. And I want you to be thus bear. Happy Birthday.

We thank you for your friendliness and good friendly relations. Your optimism and vitality captures us and helps you to recharge your energy. So accept from us and very kind and sincere wishes for this festive day, the day of your birth, happiness, health and all the best.

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