Husband greetings

Husband greetings


My dear!
I want you to know - I will be always with you, in any weather, in cold and heat, in all weather and happy moments! I want you to stay in the same alert, attentive and responsive! You know - you're the best!

Happy anniversary!
Very young, I like all the girls dreamed about how marry. White dress, many guests - and the one without whom there can be a wedding - my husband! I knew that he must, above all, love me with all your heart, be kind, fair, intelligent, caring and cheerful. But I do not even dare to dream that my husband will be the best man in the world, which I am HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish my dear husband, who made my life a true tale, always smile and be very happy! Happy anniversary!

My greatest achievement in life - this is the only and beloved man!
We have many happy experiences shared experiences and life situations, they made ??us more and more akin to one another. This emotional closeness brings understanding and smoothing relations between us, people from different planets - the mountain of muscle and muscle men are from Mars and strong in his weakness women from Venus.

We are tired of hatred, malice and outrageous scenes. Finally, in the silence of the empty from lack of love and joy rooms, start listening to each other. And our grown up daughter will not be surprised deeds of their fathers, who reminded her "... two playing in the sandbox for children without toys and shared a common territory"

In this happy and very bright day of our lives,
the day of our wedding anniversary, I wish inexhaustible faith in each other! Let all domestic and financial problems will disappear out of our way! May your home always fills only understanding, love and endless happiness! Let every day our love is even stronger, safer and more! I wish that our hearts will always beat in rhythm. We're made ??for each other!

Native my husband, we're like two halves, and the happiness that we're able to create a very valuable. I want you to not give rest to be strong and remain weak, I want you to call his love, because life does not make sense otherwise.

My dear people, my support, my protector and best friend! I want to congratulate you on his birthday and again to say how happy I am that you met! I wish you always be as a good example for our children! I am always proud and admire you!

Expensive, the most wonderful man on earth, I want to congratulate with a holiday day of your birth. You're strong, brave, brave, strong, you - the ideal of masculinity. I feel confident on your back. Sincerely wish you health, career, peace of mind. My beloved man!

Man beloved, precious and unique welcome from birth day. The work you interesting career - progressive. Let hiking heard your song on the guitar, and preparing barbecue. Let the years and days will be wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable. Happy, my dear, you!

My husband, I'm glad you are proud to name. This date for me means a day when the world was my half. I want you to be first in all things, a recognized leader and the man to whom all doors open. Let each new year makes you a wiser, more successful and happier. Happy Birthday!

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