Birthday Wishes for Mothers

Birthday Wishes for Mothers


Mom, I finally became an independent, serious, responsible and is not afraid of the darkness! I made these and your wish is ready to fulfill new! Happy Birthday!

Mom! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you good health, luck and love! I thank you for the kindness, the warmth that you tell me you give the advice that you give in difficult times ... Thank you great, my dear mother!

Today we celebrate your birthday, my mother's favorite. How do we good to you our dear people. We wish you always be healthy and charming, you are our joy and support and consolation in all our situations.

Lovely Mamus, greet you with a holiday! Let the glow of joy thine eyes, happiness will come into your life and stay forever! I want to be open wide the door to Beaver and beauty! You - the best mother in the world!

Pretty mommy! Today is a special day, today I want to tell you that you - the most beautiful, kindest, wisest, and most importantly, the favorite woman on earth. And yet, I want to congratulate you on this beautiful spring holiday and wish you remain the same exceptional woman!

Dear, dear, our mother. Congratulations you a Happy New Year. We remember how you always happy with our holiday, as prepared gifts, pinned them under the tree, and we piously believed that this Santa Claus. Thank you, dear, for good childhood for a fabulous holiday for sweet memories. Let all the good that you bestowed us come back to you many times. Health to you, love, success and happiness.

Mummy dear, let this day all come true dreams! I wish you happy always was! Funny ray of sun even shines in the eyes, the soul of the beautiful flame may warm all around. You fullest and most, the best man on earth!

Mamula! Congratulations to you on the anniversary. On this day, I wish you health to all your problems with the dare and you would be in demand as an expert. We wish you patience, happiness and love. And no offense, please, for us, as we are not out of malice nerves sometimes spoil you, so inexperience. We love you too!

The best mom in the world these words: Mom, this day I wish you many times to celebrate their anniversaries! And every year you remain as beautiful! With tell you to become better say it without thinking, because nowhere better! Happy Birthday!

Dear mother! As many of you for vablyachy did, for that I love you very much and appreciate! I want you to always remain so beautiful and cheerful, kind and gentle. May the joy and happiness flowing wide river, and the trouble and old age pass by!

Today, on the day of your birthday, I wish you good health. Suppose your house is nestled just peace, happiness joy love warmed. I wish that difficulties will not upset. Live long and old, about the past, not worry and be always cheerful and fun.

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