Birthday greeting cards for lover

Birthday greeting cards for lover


Today, with great joy I hasten to congratulate the wonderful man on his birthday! You're a real man, just ideal: beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, good ... same-same! I am glad that we are together, and I wish you only happiness, but also the health and financial well-being!

Cute, Happy Birthday! I want to say "thank you" to your parents that they gave this world a charming man! You're the best man in the world! I wish you all the best, performance conceived and green light everywhere! Does the same decent, honest and reliable man ever!

Of course, I understand that is already midnight and write in such a strong man sleeping and wake him this is not very good. But you have no right to ban you in love head over heels girl first congratulate you happy birthday. So I congratulate you, my beloved, be happy! You can sleep on.

Beloved, my dear man, I wish you great victories worthy deeds, trusted friends, and even road cloudless sky overhead. I give you warmth and tenderness, cover from storm and sorrows scatter doubt and anxiety will go right with you for life, glad and sad, laughing and crying with you.

At first I thought that love with you. Then I thought that love can be so strong and I just slowly going crazy. Then I realized that I love you so much that it is not averse to be crazy, just to be with you. And now I'm ready to lose the head of love, welcoming my husband's birthday!

What a beautiful day today! The sun is shining, the air is filled with freshness, and birds constantly singing under the window ... What happened? A real feast happened - the birthday of the most beloved and desired man who has no equal not in this world, on this planet in the entire universe! I greet and kiss passionately many times!

My beloved man! You have a birthday today - the day that you gave the world. I congratulate you! Loud and beautiful words will not speak, except to say thank you for what you are to me and I love you madly.

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