Birthday wishes husband funny

Birthday wishes husband funny


Expensive, the most wonderful man on earth, I want to congratulate with a holiday day of your birth. You're strong, brave, brave, strong, you - the ideal of masculinity. I feel confident on your back. Sincerely wish you health, career, peace of mind. My beloved man!

Man beloved, precious and unique welcome from birth day. The work you interesting career - progressive. Let hiking heard your song on the guitar, and preparing barbecue. Let the years and days will be wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable. Happy, my dear, you!

my support, my protector and best friend! I want to congratulate you on his birthday and again to say how happy I am that you met! I wish you always be as a good example for our children! I am always proud and admire you!

My beloved husband, you are my glory, you are my savior. For all that is good and beautiful in my life I want to say thank you. Thank you that you are in my life and even the wisdom and patience for the love and loyalty. You for me the most beautiful knight on earth.

Today we have with you a special holiday, birthday of my beloved! I want to tell you dear, I was very lucky with you! And I can confidently say that you're my half, sent to me by the Lord from heaven! Happy birthday to my fullest, sympathetic and beloved man! Let everything that you had not taken, you just brought success and a lot of pleasant discoveries! After all, you are my gift, donated the lot!

Every day I thank the Lord for what you gave me. My treasure, my support, my joy. Happy birthday my beloved husband and much needed! I want you to have your life all zistavlyalosya exactly as you wish. To me, you're most native and dearest person! From what I have, ants running around on the skin! On my birthday man! Let all your dreams transform into real achievements! For you I wonder! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my dear man. Today I want to tell you something banal. But you know, in my opinion, these platitudes and reveals how you're dear to me. I just wish that things would be for you. I wish you always laugh that in your eyes, never appeared sadness! A heart is not emptied. To the soul, never felt cold and emptiness! I know that you are very good and so confident in your happy life and bright future! For me, there is nothing more important you. Happy Birthday!

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