Birthday wishes for wife

Birthday wishes for wife


Available in distant islands, little bird. When she meets another bird in her tiny heart lights the fire of love. Birdie begins to build a house that was much beloved cause. The house, in her view, can not be just a roof over your head, because it is decorated with flowers, small stones and feathers and all - blue, the color of the eyes of his beloved. I also think the house to arrange for the beloved, be nice and cozy, because it knows even a little bird that creates a pair for life. But I also want to say that the house should prevail love, and then even a modest hut flirts with rainbow colors. Favorite! I wish you a happy birthday and I promise that in our house and in our lives will always be bright and light of our love!

How often in the tales of the king's son met his judgments, behaves as Ivanushka -durnyk - and popular forces of evil, or steal enchants evil wizard. I think life is nearly as well. When you meet the love - it should be protected like a fragile treasure to no wind, no sharp turns of fate did not took her, is not violated. She needs to give himself entirely to appreciate it - and only then with sadness and sorrow can come to the final fairy tale. Tales in which the prince and princess get married and live happily ever after. Honey, I want to thank you in your birthday again because you left my princess, and say that you will always be beautiful to me!

Men are known to be looking for easy ways, they need to move forward, climb the mountain and win what they want. But love - not an easy victory. When it comes to life, it appears that all that you know now, hardly worth the memories. You feel you learn anew, discover previously unknown traits and if you love truly, every day nablyzhayeshsya in order to be worthy of his wife. But no matter how long you are together, you will always strive to get better. Favorite! On your birthday, I want to thank you for what you were and remain my guiding star, and promise that I will always follow you.

Our first year of marriage. I thought it will be a while and I know everything about you. But it was not. You continue to amaze me. Every day I find in you something new and wonderful, in you there is always a mystery, and I know that I was waiting in front of many wonderful discoveries. On your birthday I raise a glass for you, my known and unknown beauty, for that in our lives has always been a place of new and small miracles!

What is beauty? I can say that its implementation next to me. Glowing as if with asterisks eyes, warm smile, laughter, charming face and willing to figure. But the real beauty is known to be inside. Kindness, gentleness, compassion, care and of course, infinite love with which you could fill the whole world, but you give me one. I love you, Happy birthday - and let your desires are always fulfilled!

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