Birthday greetings for loved ones

Birthday greetings for loved ones


Beloved, Happy Birthday! Let thy companions in life are health, happiness and success! And to provide you with love and happiness I will take care!

Dear, let your whole life be the most charming and decorated with bright colors and all the gray and dark sides of her passing by you! Happy Birthday!

My angel, Happy Birthday! I wish that nothing in the world will not upset, because without your smile I just can not live! Love! Your!

Happy birthday, darling! I want to love and happiness filled the whole you! Let us all be good to others envy! You're the best mate in the world!

My husband, Happy Birthday to you! I wish you never regret your choice. Let you always be well with me, because I do with you just fine!

I must confess to you. I met the man of her dreams and going to stay with him forever. Want to see it? Then look in the mirror! Happy birthday, darling!

You born today, and for that you will cruelly torn night. Mercy not wait. As a birthday you are entitled to the last wish, so Consider it properly! Wife.

Happy Birthday my heart! As you one thing - the whole world, all my hopes, desires and dreams. Be eternally happy, sweetheart. Thank you that you are mine!

Nice, I congratulate you on holiday! I wish you always achieve what you want. You're just amazing people. How lucky I was that I saw it first!

Let the storm outside, let trouble at work - any difficulties I was not afraid. I have a loved one to whom I can always rely on. Know I'm thinking about you all day and I love getting stronger. Happy birthday, darling.

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