Birthday wishes for lover

Birthday wishes for lover


My love. I want to give you the world, throw your feet all the riches in the world. You are my main concern, you can not stop loving you. I'm sure you can not find the heart laskavishe and softer than yours. Without you, I miss you terribly, without you my heart hurts.
Happy Birthday to you!

Honey, I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you to be always so cheerful, kind and beautiful! You - my angel, my mascot! Without you my life is empty! Let this day will bring you a lot of positive emotions! I'll tlyublyu!

Honey, I know that true love size does not matter! But if it is not a gift! I congratulate you happy birthday!

Honey, my love for you is growing stronger every day. You're so beautiful as a goddess of love Aphrodite, so smart as the goddess of wisdom Athena, so nice and warm, like my mom. So drink the same to ensure that these qualities are not ended, but multiplied! Happy birthday, darling!

When a man is born in her that day there is a guardian angel. But the day when you're born, all babies were left without them, because all the angels wanted to protect you! Happy birthday, darling!

Favorite! I feel in love boy. Your eyes are driving me crazy, your smile is charming, your voice blessedness mellifluous music. I want to congratulate you on your Birthday. All the best to you, love, luck and happiness. And I will do everything that you were happy.

Honey, my dear __________ (name)! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I heartily wish you health, happiness, success, joy and success! Let smile lights up your eyes, and all the tears turn into pearls!

Beloved, take these gentle greetings from the depths of my soul! You are my happiness, treasure, my destiny, my life! Happy Birthday!

Favorite! Probably operator missed my sms greetings, as they were too good, and caused him to jealousy. I do not know how to write to my greetings come to you to most beautiful girl on earth. I love you very much.

Today you holiday road. And I want to admit you love. I so love you my dear, I can sacrifice: himself, loved me the way, your life, all that is around me, and I do not mind because I know that the main thing - do not lose you.

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