Happy birthday to a strong woman

Happy birthday to a strong woman


No platitudes just say, "Happy Birthday!". Congratulations from the heart and wish much happiness to you and your family, success in your work and the fulfillment of desires.

Happy Birthday! Ideas about the gifts were many, but settled on the best option. All compliments and wishes spinning in my head, do not count. But we will try! The way our birthday, let the happiness in life will be many. Let the fun and ease at work and at home - comfortable and quiet. In general, all of the good to you!

Happy Birthday! Let fortune do not care you party, and fate will be committed to you. We want health, financial prosperity, success at home and at work, and many, many gifts on this day.

Let the spirit is steel and iron health. I wish that the family had no problems in the work - misunderstandings. May you always be a time for all things, and most importantly - to yourself. April and smelling like a rose. Happy Birthday.

The way our _________. Let your great people skills and professionalism to help you at work and in life. Always stay as cheerful, purposeful, creative, full of strength and energy. Happiness and well-being of you and your family!

Welcome to this day, which we all long awaited - the day of your birth. Have always true all your dreams and ruined castles in the air as all obstacles.

Good luck and results in work, success and financial independence, unlimited opportunities, health, family welfare and happiness!

When you were born, fell from the sky drops, but it was not raining - a cry heaven because lost a bright star like you ... Happy Birthday!

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