Find best Birthday SMS for Husband

Find best Birthday SMS for Husband


When I open the family album before my eyes again and again is our life. This is our first meeting when we very young lost from the head collapsed happiness. That's - our wedding, we hold hands and know that we want to be together for life. Here - the first day of our new, complete family when happy father holds on hands of our children. Here's our first anniversary and memorable holiday with your family, a happy moment. Page by page we come to today, which also remain fond memories recorded in the photo. In her husband's birthday, I wish him to stay in the same happy, wise and cheerful, as all these years!

When fall in love, unwittingly, by themselves come thoughts of marriage. Will my beloved husband? What is our family? Probably very happy and friendly. And what a blessing when all hopes and dreams come true! When a man loves, cares for the family and in every moment of our lives puts warmth of his heart. Birthday man I want him to admit that he is my best gift of fate, I am grateful to him for the performance of my dreams and I wish him as much happiness as I feel!

Love, who came in a woman's life can be compared with the long-awaited rain over the desert. Water awakens to life with the arrival of blooming flowers and the sun does not smoke, but caresses. I want to tell you, my people, that thou hast saved me from the monotony of everyday life and loneliness, gave me a new life! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you to be happier than anyone in the world!

Carry love over the years without losing any grains, but strengthened and prymnozhyvshy - it only when both spouses feelings are sincere and come from the heart. And then the prize will be truly happy, quiet and peaceful, which for many years together you get bored, but bring warmth and confidence in the future. I am happy that my husband - a man with whom you can live a life, and every year the wife find more good! On his birthday, I congratulate him and wish boundless, cloudless and overall happiness!

Give love, love every day, lavish care and attention - not less valuable than to be loved, surrounded by affection and attention. I admit, sometimes I think people love me even a little more than I did! But his birthday I promise that I will love it even stronger and it will be the best wife!

If I knew many years ago that I was waiting for happiness, what a wonderful man appointed me luck! I used every day, every hour, every minute waiting for him! I certainly would have done everything possible to meet him soon. I am grateful to destiny that brought us, and want to live with you again and again for as many years as we have together! I congratulate you, my only, my creator Fortunately, my beloved husband on his birthday and wish you to be always and in all the best!

Once people made ??up a tale that a magical night you can find a fern flower, and tore it, you need to run fast and do not listen, do not look around, because many hunters will it take away! But if you will guard Flower - find happiness and untold riches. In this tale has its own truth. His love need to be able to find and find - keep. Keep away from distraction, mistrust, jealousy, stupid image. From the need to protect fragile as a flower, feelings, bear with me through the years. And then there will be happiness, but there is real wealth in the family. I wish a happy birthday husband and I want to tell him that without him there would be our tales!

Morning kiss, a warm "Good night," a romantic evening, a day off for two, suddenly presented flower, light touch hands ... tiny little things pleasant and so familiar with over the years which includes marriage word "happiness". Beloved husband! I wish you a happy birthday and wish to be able to find and enjoy every day - every little spark of joy and happiness, which no doubt will always be full of our wonderful marriage!

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