Happy birthday wishes for a pregnant woman

Happy birthday wishes for a pregnant woman


We welcome you with a wonderful holiday and birthday wish many years of happy, carefree and fun filled life! In the good fairy Lady Snowstorm, good fairy godmother and other adorable characters are always richly rewarding good and clever girls whose hearts are open and full of pure heat. If you were in a fairy tale - you have certainly bestowed box with precious stones, handsome prince and the whole kingdom! I want to say in your birthday is in your life have to be a place like that, and wish to share generously bestowed upon you and not obdilyala for many years an abundance of good luck, health and love!

Rarely in modern times meet people with the very youth, marked by a good star ... They are kind, friendly and intelligent, they are surrounded by friends, their family truly happy, in a word - it is such people the world becomes brighter! We are fortunate that today we are celebrating birthday is a man! We wish you a sea of happiness, even in your home is always at peace and prosperity, every step is accompanied by good luck and inspiration for new cases - and stay just as beautiful for years to come!

Today I am happy to congratulate you on a wonderful day - Happy Birthday! To this day I have in store a bunch of compliments and not afraid to embarrass you, because how can you confuse crystal clear true? I say - you are a miracle! Your beauty does not yield your kindness, you are smart and talented in any case! I want you to always remain the same ideal, which I know you now, but if you wish to get better - you will succeed!

In your holiday, birthday, want not saving, express praise the sea, but they still do not fully reveal your advantages! So let me birthday just congratulate you and sincerely express your wishes! And I wish you great happiness, a happiness that gives man wings and the ability to turn your liking the whole world!

We celebrate today the perfect holiday - Birthday special man surprising diversity of talent and really good heart! Beautiful culprit celebration I wish long life and happiness! Let her warmth and concern for many, many years surrounded by her family and all her dreams cherished dream - to always run!

I must admit that your birthday - a special holiday, after all, and you - a wonderful person and for each of us in his own way and favorite! I know you long enough to say with certainty that you do not have flaws, but there is nothing but excellent quality - from a smile to your gestures and actions! Please accept my sincere congratulations and wishes of endless, sunny happiness!

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