Birthday wishes to my girlfriend

Birthday wishes to my girlfriend


In this light holiday that uplifting not only you but also all who know you, I wish turbulent life. Let worries add experience and work only brings only pleasure. I wish that your heart did not feel suffering, moral suffering, but only that it bloomed with happiness, love and goodness in it. To love you overfilled, and it felt all around. Never feel a sense of loneliness, although you love so many people that it is simply impossible. I wish you happy every passing day, and thank God for another day. Let your Guardian Angel protects your way and prevents you from falling down. I want to live my life so as not to regret absolutely nothing, and not to leave unfinished business. Happy birthday congratulations. Believe in happiness, it is close.

It is well that the birthday is an occasion to come to the man, and wish her all that is possible. It is the birthday of all wishes are realized and put into practice the birthday. So here I want to wish something, and that these wishes are embodied in your life as soon as possible. I wish you well and fun to celebrate your birthday, that he left a lot of positive emotions in your heart for a long time. I wish that your eyes never filled with tears of sadness and tears flowed only from genuine and heartfelt laughter. I want to live and enjoy life every day. That every day brought a new and rewarding experience that will help live. I wish to have many useful acquaintances, though not much, but loyal friends. Give your smile to everyone, even those who do not deserve it, and you'll see that fate will smile back. Obdary care and love their home, and you too will become warmer. From birthday you let life becomes brighter.

You currently the most special day of the year, the day of your birth. I would like to wish you a special life with special people and special happiness. To your day always begins with a smile, and beautiful, perky mood. For any work went like clockwork was like, and most importantly you liked. To you surrounded by loving caring people, and gave you their attention and love. For each day of life inspire you to new, grandiose behavior. And all the plans implemented in your life soon. Let life you feel wonderful, easy, carefree as a child. In the eyes of burning flame of happiness, but in heart a spark of love for the world. I want you to note their birthday with a bang. Have fun in the morning, dance, and understand that for you nothing is impossible.

Let your life be like a fairy tale: it will be a good hero, reliable friends, the way light and peaceful sky. Always believe in miracles and your dream will come true. After such a good and kind people like you all must be well. Happy Birthday and let the holiday will be a success.

Happy Birthday to welcome this joyous and bright day. Let your soul the sun is shining and my heart trembles with joy. Let love warm on cold days, and at work dominated respect and admiration. Let health will always be strong as nut and a warm smile, a sunny ray. Live without knowing the significant problems and bitter troubles.

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