Grandma Birthday Messages

Grandma Birthday Messages


No person dearer to me and closer than you, Granny! Today, the day you were born I heartily congratulate you on this wonderful holiday. I want to feel great, do not succumb to the blues, not to hurt, laugh often, be loved, and most importantly healthy and full of energy! I love you very much!

Love Grandma warms and protects like a prayer! I always need good boards and kind words. And be sure to restore all full because my gratitude knows no bounds! Take care, dear!

My grandmother, my dear, my dear, happy birthday! How nice that you have in me is - a caring, kind and all-all interpretive! Thank you for all the things you taught me, for all your patience, in kindness and severity. I sincerely wish you happiness, good health and many, many happy years!

Lovely Granny! Happy your birthday! Wish you want a lot of things. A lot of attention, a lot of care, a lot of love, understanding and many many congratulations on this happy day! Have you surround only loving and caring people like me. :)

On the day sunny and bright I hasten to congratulate the birthday of the beloved and of a good man in the world! Did you Granny, my older sister, girlfriend and mother. I wish you good health, because it can not be bought for any money, happiness, I'll give it to you, love and attention that I'm not deprived. Hello!

That's the morning birds sing especially today, and the sun shines brighter than usual, so that the day has come? Birthday in the most wonderful, loving grandmother and understands the world! Please always the same kind, cute, nor faint sickness in the house is not allowed, and great-grandson dochekaysya smile as often as possible!

Grandma preparing all better. Grandma knows how to make an amazing surprise that will be remembered forever. Grandma teaches all that need in life, and uncover many secrets that have to know this woman. Grandma - the wisest, understanding smart world. Grandma's Birthday! Good luck, joy and all the best!

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