Greetings for lover

Greetings for lover


The celebration of the birthday of my beloved so much fun and noisy, crowded around the table and close friends, read toast, and I have not yawn, and to get a moment of attention! I want to not only cordially greet my sweetheart and wish her bright like a rainbow, happiness, and wish one day to be with her on a desert island! Of course, it must be the heat, let it covers a shady grove of fruit trees, predators are not found, but the singing birds of paradise ... then I can reign supreme and my beauty, while we did not pick up a boat, we have enough of a rest for a hundred years go!

Once thought ... World Creator so great in it many wonders ... but so wanted to create something that will make oyknuty light and sun - zniyakovity ... And then he made ??you, my darling. I know the way it was! You - the only girl with whom I can be happy. Your Birthday to me most desirable holiday! I welcome you, a thousand times I say I love you and wish you heartily always remain the same ideal as it is today, always smiling and never bored, because you were created to love!

Happy Birthday to my joy and happiness! Honey, my darling, I am glad that once in the same day you came into the world to appear in many years in my life! I wish you true happiness, which is breathtaking!

Is the famous love story, which tells the world about writing novels ... Honey, let our life is full of adventures and adventure, but I have you - my only one for me our relationship - the most charming love story of all time ! On your birthday, I again say you "love" and gently kiss, look into your eyes ... Be happy, my love!

Someone I love mine! On your birthday, I want to congratulate you and give several gifts, including his heart that belongs to you entirely! I am happy that next to me and the girl herself, for which I want to perform feats and pluck the stars from the sky! Enjoy life, do not worry, smile sincerely, and I will always be next to you!

Beloved is mine, to you I have learned what true happiness, I found the meaning of life and see it for years to come, which always near you ... I want you as clearly and enthusiastically look forward and believe - everything will be fine! Happy birthday, my beauty!

I know that I was very lucky that you met me once. I wish you eternal joy in the soul, good mood and more smile, because your smile makes my day happy. I love you every day and spent next to you - the best day of my life. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday! I warmly welcome you! I wish you health and happiness! To life and work you have always been lucky! Always Stay that what you are. How many are you positive energy and human dignity!

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