Dad Birthday Messages

Dad Birthday Messages


My father can be so different! At work he is - responsible and talented staff, friends - the soul of the company and conversationalist, and his family - a loving husband and father, the head of the family with whom we truly happy! My father is a different, yet always familiar to me so dear and loved ... I wish you a happy birthday, dad, and I wish many years of good health and fulfillment of desires and happiness are, with us, in you must be!

Today I congratulate the birthday of his father, and in this light holiday I schemyt little chest of fond memories! After so many years have passed, we have experienced so much and always have each other not only father and son, but best friends! More than anything, I wish many years of happy life for your father! Stay healthy and cheerful!

It has long been the custom so that the word of his father - the law, and as nice as his father - a real man, loves his family, and his words are not a shout, but a good, valuable advice, which can not not listen! I wish you a happy birthday, father, and I wish a hundred years to be as strong, intelligent and kind, that way we know you always!

I remember as a child we kids impatiently waiting for his father to work and met - hugged tightly phrase on it and talking about how bored him! We have long grown, but today we are sincerely looking forward to each hvylyntsi you spend with your family! So good to gather together, such as today, the feast of the birthday of his father! Cute our dad! You're already a grandfather, but your heart is still young, and you are to us all the same - the strongest, the best father in the world! We love you and wish you a long, very long and happy years prosperous life!

As a child I knew that Grandfather Frost - this is my dad, but the magic of the holidays do not melted, but only brightly shining snowflakes outside the window, because my dad, though, a real magician! Every day he gives his love to our family and believe me, no more magic! Today - his birthday, and I hope that one day he will remember as the day a little magical when you think about were the good wishes that have come true! Dear Daddy, let your life will always place the miracle of health will Strongman and cheerfulness bright as the sun!

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