Happy birthday for her

Happy birthday for her


Let your life be just good friends, loved ones, colleagues are friendly and kind boss who would rightly assessed all your achievements and regularly praise you and give big bonuses, because your genius knows no bounds. To each of the attention was directed at you, you respected, loved, admired, listened to your opinions. Also good, horse health, we wish you, that would be every year becomes more and more strength and energy.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly, today I congratulate you happy birthday. It so happened that once a year we celebrate his birth, life and thank my mother and Lord. I wish you on this day excellent mood and inspiration to new actions, plans and actions. Because the mood that day will depend on the mood of the whole year. Let all your actions are given to you easily and effortlessly, and the heart is always a harmony and comfort. Even on the way and meet challenges, accept them as a test, and a reason to climb a step higher. Have a nice, carefree life, which will take you to the country of your childhood dreams. For happiness must be fought, I wish you perseverance and tenacity. Believe in success. And it will come.

Today we are extremely happy to welcome birthday amazing and truly wonderful woman! It is elegant, graceful, charming and perfect creation creator. She walks as if the goddess that was before us on the ground with blue skies. Its mission - to give us his joy, surrounded by good care, creating comfort and bring harmony in everyday life perfect. Happy, ladies!

Today we fell happy moment of triumph greet a beautiful, intelligent, kind and truly charming girl! Birthday - most enjoyable holiday that marks the birth of a true miracle valuable - a new life. So let this day will be a sign for you future bright and joyful events that fate has prepared for you.

Today, we have seemed a perfect occasion to gather together, and the perpetrator of this celebration is here with us! Frankly, heartily congratulate you on your Birthday! Let your life not meet insurmountable obstacles. May you have the strength in an instant to deal with any difficulties! Let led thee by the hand of luck on life's journey towards true happiness. Let true love be your inseparable companion. May you cherish the heavens, and we, your faithful and loyal friends, will always be there to support and lend their robust shoulders. We welcome you with a welcome holiday! Cheers!

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