Grandma Birthday Wishes

Grandma Birthday Wishes


Dear Grandma, wherever fate not abandoned us and how far we are away, but your birthday we are always in a hurry for you to visit, to congratulate you and wish this holiday great care, warmth, longevity and feel the warmth of your cozy and home.

Grandma is now 70 years!
Congratulations to you happy birthday! We love you too. You give us your warmth, you - the source of all good things for us. Stay young, beautiful, healthy and cheerful!

Love Grandma
warms and protects like a prayer! I always need good boards and kind words. And be sure to restore all full because my gratitude knows no bounds! Take care, dear!

This little man was born,
and brought so much joy! This lovely girl - the personification of tenderness, affection and love crazy! So let your granddaughter rising sun and happy man, surrounded by native warm hearts!

Beloved grandmother
I congratulate you on the anniversary! I heartily thank you for the kindness, care and affection! For your attention and kindness! I wish you energy, health and strength! You are waiting for many years to come, that your grandchildren will try to make happy! ...

Favorite Granny, greet you with the day you were born! On this day, I thank you for all the sleepless nights that you spent next to my bed, with all fairy tales, which I was told by all the sweet cakes that always treated! Thank you for the love and warmth that you and now you give us all!

Granny's Birthday! You - my constant companion since birth. I remember the warmth and tenderness of those moments that we spent together. You were my teachers and assistant and girlfriend. Health to you, Granny. Take care of yourself. And then there is still a lot of years we will give each other the joy of communication.

Honey, our favorite grandmother in such a great day I would like to wish you happiness, prosperity, peace and good spirit. Have you jealous neighbor, looking at how you play with my grandchildren football on the playground. Flowers, health, honor and respect you.

Well, our caring grandmother of St. Vitus. Happiness, health wish. Let jealous neighbor -babusi on the bench saw you surrounded by seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Let the house still smells thy fragrant pies with cabbage. You like wisdom, generosity, caring.

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