Birthday wishes for grandfather

Birthday wishes for grandfather


Happy birthday dear and want to congratulate a loved one, the one who would not let my hands down over the years. Thank you for the love and support of my grandfather - these warm words for you. But I understand that these words are so small in relation to what I would like you to pass! Let heaven will do it for me, and you will never know hardship!

Do you have a holiday today, my dear grandfather! You're born into this, and it is a feast for the entire planet! I know for sure if people were like you, the world was much more beautiful! You're doing the world around me brighter and brighter! The way this world will give you quite what you give people around! You're the best teacher in life! I thank heaven that you are in me!

Grandpa, my birthday, I hasten to tell you that you are the one whom I always compare! Your gray head knows all the answers, your wisdom has repeatedly saved me from hopeless situations. I thank the heavens for such a wonderful grandfather like you. Thank you for your participation and presence in my life! You are very important to me! Happy birthday my dear!

They say that age - years! It's easy - how to count! And may always be with you forever - twenty-five! To all lived longer - long, well-looking - not to say every year - the smallness of more of the same - twenty-five! Happiness is everywhere there, without any idea to celebrate with family near its centenary! And every one of delight at the festival could say - that you look a little ... well, a bit more - 25!

Happy Birthday! In preferences, beautiful words are not afraid - you live a hundred years in the world - one hundred percent! With the sign "plus"! Accumulate a lot of bucks, accounts and wallets, and a considerable income from cost - always three times. To all - things like getting in your moment, and vanished with the failure of sadness like smoke! For fun and success and forget the word - sadness that lived and live like - all the "hundred." With the sign - "plus"!

My dear grandfather! I sincerely thank you for all the games, stories and memories that you gave me for my whole life! I will never forget it! Grandfather you are very wise and good! Thank you that I have! Happy Birthday! With love your grandson!

You taught me a lot! Taught how to hammer nails, fish, believe in people! You taught me to enjoy life! Taught to be kind, honest and sincere! Thank you for all! Take care of yourself, because I would really like that - you have learned all this and my kids! Happy Birthday!

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